Monday, March 9, 2009

Hard Boiled Eggs

Cooking hard boiled eggs can be a hassle because you have to kor hui and kor chui in hokkien, jaga api and jaga air in Malay and in english, meaning you have to regulated the heat and the amount of water used.
Jean Scully was so kind to share this method of cooking the eggs whereby you don't have to worry whether they are over-cooked or under-cooked.


Rice Cooker

2 sheets of Kitchen Towel

2 or more eggs(enough to put in a single layer in the rice cooker)


Wet 2 sheets of kitchen towels and wring out excess water.

Put them in the rice cooker

Put 2 or more eggs on top of wet kitchen towels

Close the lid of rice cooker and press 'cook'.

When the 'cook' button is off and turns to 'warm' - eggs should be ready if they were in room temperature to start with, but if they were from the fridge, keep cooked eggs in the 'warm' function for a while to fully hard cooked the eggs.

Viola!! Hard boiled eggs

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