Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yee Sang Prep - Day 1

I really envy my malaysian relatives and friends who can have Yee Sang so readily available in the restaurants.  Unlike me, they don't have to drive 25 miles(in the snow) to chinatown to shop for ingredients to prep for the Chinese New Year Celebration.  Well, i should count my blessings that ingredients are available.  Yee Sang might seem intimidating to some as there are so many ingredients involved, but actually it is quite simple, you just need to be organized and start preparing ahead.  I have been busy with cookies and realised that i should start prep.  This first thing i like to prepare is the 'Qua Yin' which is ' sweetened green papaya '.  Will try and post the next prep as i go along.

Peel green papaya and shred fine

Salt and let sit for awhile, wash away the salt and drain

Blanch in hot water for a few seconds and then let it cool. Pour thick syrup over green papaya.

Qua Yin is ready for yee sang


The recipe for Yee Sang is here


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