Monday, August 17, 2009

Alexander's 4th Birthday Cake - Autobots

OMG, my little Alexander is already FOUR and his request for his birthday theme was not an easy task as he had a favorite everyday. One day, it was Thomas the Tank Engine, the next day, it was Spiderman or Batman. He could not make up his mind but we told him that it can only be his most favorite and he chose The Transformers. The party stuff was easy as the stores have a complete selection for this theme. We even got him a Pinata which was Optimus Prime. The hard part was the cake - usually, i have time to come up with ideas but this year, i had to spend time with my dear friends who were visiting. I had wanted just to make the cake and place the Transformers as toppings but Alexander gave me the idea of this Autobot when he came to ask me to fix this emblem onto his Optomus Prime costume. I had the emblem enlarged to the size that will fit 9 x 13 cake and the original idea was to pipe the design on. I was staring at a white iced cake when i saw a pack of Red Vines Twist on the counter. The red color was exactly the same as the emblem and it made my day. I had the vines cut to the size of the enlarged copy and just assemble them like you would for a jigsaw puzzle, viola the cake is done and he loved it and wanted his Bumble Bees to be on it too.

A 9 x 13 cake pan
A box of yellow cake or whatever cake you desire
A pack of Red Vines Twist


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