Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and How to Brine the turkey

There are many ways to celebrate and express thanks at Thanksgiving. Even in difficult times, there are always things for which to be grateful and thankful. It was Grand-parents Day at my grand chlidren's school and my grandson Alexander's class sang Turkey Porky - oops Popo is always associating words to food, sorry!! it should be Turkey Pokey, and wrote a note to say what they were Thankful For.

Alexander wrote in his kindergarten writing which was pretty good for just being a few months in kindy - I am thankful for my mom, my dad, my sister and my popo. How sweet?

You will not believe it, i did not believe what i saw, when he came home from school yesterday- he was holding a huge turkey which he won, . This only happens in America, you can win a turkey - in school????


For How-to brine click HERE

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